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Logan Square Pest Control is one of the most reliable pest management companies in Chicago, Illinois. Many customers are very satisfied with our pest control services including ant removal and rodent control. Don't just take our word for it though, browse through our customer feedback for yourself. We want you, our potential customer, to choose us as your preferred company! We'd be happy to provide additional references upon request.

 "My husband and I had a pigeon problem on our back deck. It was disgusting, they were pooping everywhere. We called two companies to get estimates. Logan Square Pest Control came out right away. They were the cheapest. I was a little worried that because they were cheaper, it wouldn't be as good of a job. They were great. There were three men that came out to put up spikes. They also cleaned up all of the poop on the back deck. We couldn't be happier with the service they provided. We have been pigeon-free ever since."


Shari S.

"Very helpful! I called to get an appointment for a general spray of my apartment, they asked what prompted the need for the spray. When I told them about a bug I found on my bed they said I could just text them a picture and they would tell me if it is something to worry about before I spent the money having them come out. They responded extremely quickly and thankfully it was nothing to worry about!!"



Kacy G.

"I woke up this morning to find a wasp nest inside the window of my dining room. Turns out that buzzing noise I heard all weekend was not my neighbor's construction. I gave these guys a ring to look into having it removed and spoke to Carl. He had me text a picture of the nest to him to try and identify the type of wasp, and responded "Rather than pay us $150 to come out and do a full removal,with this type of nest you'll be fine just grabbing some insecticide yourself." Thanks for the honesty fellas."


 Doug S.

"We had a pretty bad ant infestation affecting 3 floors and we thought that there was no way we could get rid of them. My husband searched online and saw the reviews for Logan Square Pest. They were there within a few hours and serviced all three floors. They did tell us that our infestation was pretty bad and that it may take more than one visit. However, we saw instantaneous results!! We will see one or two ants on occasion but we are very satisfied with the outcome. The price was very reasonable. We highly recommend them!!"

J V.

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